Best Arthritis Doctors in Chennai

- Dr. L Bharath

Dr. L. Bharath (Best Arthritis Doctors in Chennai)

Dr L. Bharath is a renowned Arthritis Doctor in Chennai who handles his comprehensive treatments at Bharath Orthopaedics. He has dealt with millions of critical cases for patients with arthritis or joint disorders using his unique treatments.  



Dr. S. Ramakrishnan

Dr. S. Ramakrishnan has dealt with half several patients over the past decades in being the best among the Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctors in Chennai.   His fortitude and compassion in dealing with the patients at Apollo Hospitals are truly exceptional. 



Dr. G. Rajasekhar 

Dr. G. Rajasekhar is a Rheumatoid Arthritis Specialist in Chennai from The Arthritis and Rheumatism Care Centre with ample marked experience in treating patients with individualized care using sophisticated treatments.  



Dr. M. Hema 

Dr. M. Hema is currently represented as the best Arthritis Doctor in Chennai in MIOT International Hospital at Chennai with more than 20 years of experience in the medical field. She has treated several patients who have been infected with joint issues. Her modern treatments help the patients to have a good quality of life.  



Dr. Porkodi 

Dr. Porkodi is a highly experienced Rheumatoid Arthritis Specialist in Chennai working at Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital.   She is an expert in the medical field for treating patients with arthritis or several disorders related to the joints, etc. Besides that, she excels in dealing with autoimmune diseases with her cutting-edge treatments which can be seen from the successful testimonies. 



Dr. M. Kavitha

Dr. M. Kavitha from Prashanth Super Speciality Hospital is the best Arthritis Doctor in Chennai.  Her state-of-the-art procedures make the patients visit her frequently for consultations and standard treatments as she is the best in the field to counsel the patients and treat them accordingly.  



Dr. Prof. S. Rukmangatharajan 

Dr. Prof. S. Rukmangatharajan from Noble Hospital believes that providing a quality service with dedication highly helps the patients with joint or arthritis problems to stay happy which can help them for a speedy recovery too.  



Dr. C. Balaji

Dr. C. Balaji can be identified in Parvathy Ortho Hospital as the standalone Arthritis Doctor in Chennai for his constitutive role in treating arthritis patients.  



Dr. S. Sham


Dr. S. Sham has the right staff with vast knowledge to deal with arthritis patients in Fortis Malar Hospital.   He ranks one among the best Arthritis Doctor in Chennai who is well-versed and recognized in the field of rheumatology.


Dr. Mahesh Janarthanan


Dr. Mahesh Janarthananwho works in Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre targets patients with arthritis and treats them for a better recovery.  


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