Best Spine Surgeon in Chennai  

- Dr. L Bharath

Best Spine Surgeon in Chennai

Spine is our central support structure that goes through everyday stress.  Despite the strength and flexibility of the best spine surgeon in Chennai, it is not invincible, and over time, it can develop disorders and injuries that compromise its functionality and cause uncomfortable symptoms. 



Spine surgeons are experts who diagnose, treat, and prevent spine-related injuries and conditions.  The spine specialist will first exhaust nonsurgical methods like physical therapy along with anti-inflammatory medications to relieve your back pain.  



Who is a Spine Surgeon? 

What are the Causes of Spine Surgery? 

Herniated or ruptured discs one or more of the disks that cushion the spinal bones are damaged  Spondylolisthesis a condition where one or more bones in the spine slip out of place 



Signs That You Should See a Spine Surgeon 

When you feel discomfort in your neck or back.  When there is uncontrollable pain after more than a week of anti-inflammatory medications or steroids. 



Surgical Treatment Options for Spine Disorders 

A spine surgeon usually makes a large incision besides involving a complete exposure of the anatomy to treat the damaged area. He uses tiny surgical instruments for traditional or minimally invasive surgery to see an overall improvement in symptoms or to halt the degeneration.  



Spinal Fusion 

The spinal disk between two or more vertebrae will be removed.   Then the spine surgeon in Chennai will fuse the adjacent vertebrae using metal devices or bone grafts secured by screws. 



Artificial Disk Replacement  

This is considered to be an alternative to spinal fusion for treating patients with severely damaged disks.  The procedure involves removal of the disk besides replacing it by a synthetic disk to help them restore height and movement between the vertebrae. 



Spinal Laminectomy/Spinal Decompression  

This is performed when spinal stenosis causes the narrowing of the spinal cord resulting in pain, weakness or numbness.  During the surgical procedure, the spine surgeon in Chennai will remove any bone spurs and bony walls of the vertebrae aiming to open up the spinal column to remove the pressure on the nerves.  






This procedure is performed by the spine specialist in Chennai to remove a disk when it has herniated and presses on the spinal cord or a nerve root.  Discectomy and Laminectomy are often performed together. 

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