Fast Track Knee Replacement

- Dr. L Bharath

Fast Track Knee Replacement

Fast track knee replacement is a fast track knee recovery technique. It’s a precise way of doing surgery that ensures a consistent and reproducible outcome to the surgeon and a higher level of satisfaction to the patient. 



Objective of Fast track knee replacement in Chennai

The prevalence of knee osteoarthritis is around 21% in men and 42% in women especially above the age of 60 years.  Around 1 lakh knee replacement surgery is carried out in India every year and the count is expected to increase by 20% annually over the next few years. 



Minimal (or) no pain

We all know knee replacement surgery has a major procedure. But thankfully, the fast track knee replacement is the minor one with less pain or no pain at all.  



Trusted result

The best part is that you will get trusted results that are very cost-effective and there will be no side effects on the body.   Some people usually complain that they have complications after knee surgery, this is not the scenario at all. 



Speedy recovery

The speedy recovery after this fast track knee replacement makes the patient for an early discharge after the knee surgery.   As the orthopaedic surgeon guides you the chance of mental stress or disturbance can be much less along with the reduced chance of infection and minimal stitches.



Painless physiotherapy

Without getting any additional equipment like the knee brace, the patient can get back to their regular activities. 



Faster mobility

The results are quite long-lasting with easy and faster mobility. For almost 10 to 15 years, a patient need not undergo any knee surgery again.  If they are taking care of them by following the guidelines suggested by the knee replacement surgeon during the surgical procedure, for sure there will be no problems at all. 



Advantages of  Day-care or Fast  Track TKR Procedure

– Faster or speedy recovery. – No staying for hours in the      hospital. – Small incisions are made    during the procedure. – Minimum or no disturbance     to the habitual routine.



Are there any age limits for fast track knee replacement?


The hospital, the surgeon, and his team must be well equipped and trained in handling extreme age group patients.  If knee osteoarthritis is severe and has affected the quality of life, then age is not a limit for doing a knee replacement. 


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