Hip Procedures 

We specialize in the following Hip Surgeries & Hip Procedures in Chennai.

What are the Different Hip Procedures or Hip Surgeries? 


Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

Partial Hip Replacement Surgery.



Revision Hip Replacement.


Total Hip Replacement Surgery 

The total hip arthroplasty of total hip replacement surgery involves an anesthetic, hospitalization, and an operative exposure of the joint. 


It is a surgical procedure in which the damaged bone and cartilage are ejected from the hip joints and replaced with artificial components.

During the hip procedures in Chennai, an incision or cut is made over the hip, and the femur is dislocated from the acetabulum. 

Unicondylar / Partial Knee Replacement 

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The socket’s surface is cleaned, and the arthritic bone is removed using a reamer. 

Then, the acetabular component is inserted into the socket using the artificial components. 

Then the femur or the thighbone is prepared by ejecting the arthritic bone to make sure that it exactly fits the new metal femoral component. 

In this hip procedure in Chennai, an incision is made along the outer aspect of the affected hip. The surgeon removes the head of the femur using surgical instruments.

Partial Hip Replacement Surgery 

Partial Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure 

A metal ball is connected to form the femoral head. If the patient is strong after the hip procedures in Chennai, healthy bone or cement can be press-fitted.

When the damaged cartilage and bone are removed and replaced with artificial components, certain hip replacement implants may wear out or loosen from bone surfaces.

Revision Hip Replacement 

Revision Hip replacement Procedure 

The incision is made over the hip to expose the joint, and then the femur is dislocated from the acetabulum to remove the old plastic liner and metal socket.


Then, special cement, or screws are used while a new metal shell is inserted. The top of the femur bone is cut into several pieces to remove the implants. 


After the hip procedures in Chennai, the segments are cleansed and a new femoral implant on the femur is inserted either by bone cement or a press fit.

Sometimes called implants, they can be used in a hip replacement operation, and different ways of fixing them.

What are the Different Types of Hip Replacement Surgery? 

Hip substitution is prescribed when the harm to the hip is extreme or when intense joint inflammation makes development troublesome. 


What is Hip Arthroplasty/Substitution? 

It will likely supplant the pieces of the hip that have been harmed to ease torment that can’t be controlled with different medicines.

Hip replacement is the evacuation and substitution of the pelvis and femur (thigh bone) segments that structure your hip joint.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery? 

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