Hip Replacement Surgery Exercises

- Dr. L Bharath

Post-Operative Hip Replacement Surgery Exercises 

To achieve full recovery after hip replacement surgery, it is vital to incorporate regular post-operative exercises to aid a patient to return to the normal lifestyle within 3-6 weeks of surgery.  The hip replacement surgeries are geared to restore your strength, blood flow, and mobility.



Walking can be the best after hip replacement surgery exercises to recover the hip movement.  In the initial stage, it will be painful at first using a walker or crutches but it aids in strengthening muscles and preventing blood clots.



Walking for a healthy recovery

Use a crutch on the opposite side from the hip surgery, climb up the stairs leading with the good leg.  Put the body weight slowly on the crutch, raise the operated leg and place it on the step while doing the exercise. 



Stair climbing to regain strength 

Ankle Rotations  Vs Ankle Pumps 

Move the ankle inside and outside away from the other foot for ankle rotations.   Ankle pumps should be done right after the surgery and until complete recovery by pointing and flexing the ankles often at least once an hour.



Abduction Exercises Vs Buttock Tightening  

Slide the leg out as far to your side, away from the body and then slide it back for abduction exercises and buttock tightening should be performed by lying on the back, contracting the buttocks muscles and holding for a count of 5.  



How to perform knee bends?  

Lie on the bed, and keep legs straight in front, pull foot towards buttocks by keeping the heel on the bed.  Hold in this position for about 5-10 seconds, and straighten the knee keeping the knee to the original position.



Quadriceps Vs Straight Leg Raise

For quadriceps, tighten the thigh muscles by lying on the back, straighten the knee by holding it for 5-10 seconds.  For straight leg raises, tighten the quads, keep the knee straight and lift the leg a few inches and hold it for 5 – 10 seconds. 



Standing hip abduction  

While performing standing hip abduction, hold the back of the chair for support, raise the leg out to the side, hold and slowly lower to the floor.  Repeat the hip replacement exercises 3-4 times a day.



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