Joint Replacement Surgery

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What does Joint Replacement Surgery mean?

Joint replacement is done to remove the damaged or diseased parts of the joint by replacing them with artificial devices or man-made parts.  Mostly hips and knees are replaced in joint replacement surgery.



1. If the person is aged say above 55 years of age. 2. If you experience pain in your hip after a workout or exercise. 3. If you have stiff joints. 4. If you are unable to perform your routine activities.



When Do You require a Joint Replacement?

With age, the Knee ligament surgery tissue that pads our bones become slim. Thus, the bones begin scouring against one another or squeezing against nerves and encompassing tissues.  This causes joint agony. Falls and wounds before, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis Treatment, inactive way of life, way of life propensities and drugs for specific circumstances all increment the gamble for joint torment. 



Why Does Pain Develop in Joints?

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery in Chennai:

> Pain relief. > Peaceful sleep. > Increased movements in the joints. > Correction of deformity. > Sports person can take part in low-impact sport activities. > Quality of life is improved. > Ability to return to normal life



What is Arthroplasty?

The meaning of arthroplasty is surgical joint replacement. During the method, your medical services supplier eliminates a harmed joint and replaces it with a counterfeit joint.  The fake joint (prosthesis) can be metal, artistic or rock solid plastic. The new joint seems to be the normal joint and moves likewise.



Procedures followed:

1. Total hip replacement. 2. Revision hip replacement. 3. Knee joint replacement. 4. Shoulder joint replacement. 5. Hip joint replacement.



Total Hip Replacement:

Total hip replacement is used to treat osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis using a prosthesis to eliminate pain.  It is considered one of the most successful and common surgical procedures in orthopaedic surgery.



Procedure of THR: Incision or cut is made to expose the hip joint over the posterior lateral hip. A special instrument called a reamer is used in the acetabulum. The surgeon removes the femur or the thighbone and reams away the socket’s surface which secures in a socket made of polyethylene during the joint replacement surgery in Chennai. Revision Hip Replacement Revision Hip Replacement is a complex procedure where it takes a too long time and has more complications requiring larger wounds using specialist equipment. It is nothing but a part or all of your previous hip injuries or replacements that need to be revised.  



The minor adjustments and massive operations of the joint replacement surgery in Chennai depend on the significant amounts of bone that get replaced.



Knee Joint Replacement: Knee replacement also known as arthroplasty is a surgical procedure done to resurface the knee for a patient’s arthritis or a bad knee injury. It resurfaces the damaged part of the knee exercises to reduce acute knee discomfort 

Procedure of knee joint replacement: During the joint replacement surgery in Chennai, an incision is made to the damaged part of the knee and resurfaced with a prosthesis. The prosthesis may be cemented or un-cemented depending on the patient’s requirement. Then the incision is closed using the surgical dressings. Shoulder Joint Replacement: Shoulder replacement is done to reduce pain and restore mobility in patients with end-stage shoulder arthritis or suffering from severe shoulder fractures.



Procedure of Shoulder Joint Replacement: The shoulder replacement surgery is done by replacing the damaged humeral head with a metal ball, and the glenoid cavity is replaced with a smooth plastic cup. The prosthesis may be a metal or plastic implant system. Hip Joint Replacement: Hip joint replacement is done to replace the damaged ball-and-socket with artificial synthetic parts that mimic the ball and the socket. 



Procedure of Hip Joint Replacement:

A cemented prosthesis is attached to the hip pain treatment with bone cement for quicker adhesion. Uncemented joints take a long time to get attached to the bone. Both the prosthesis used have differences regarding recovery.  Another option is a muscle-sparing hip replacement to spare cuts through the muscles to reduce pain.



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