Knee Procedures 

We specialize in the following knee procedures & treatments. Our sophisticated Best Knee Procedures in Chennai include: 

Unicondylar / Partial Knee Replacement

Revision Knee Replacements

Total Knee Replacement 



There are two types of Total Knee Replacement;

Total Knee Replacement (Best Knee Procedures in Chennai) 

A total knee replacement is also termed total knee arthroplasty. It helps to treat the worn-out or damaged surfaces of the knee joint.

Total Knee Replacement Procedure 

During the total knee replacement procedure in Chennai, the surgeon will make an incision on the skin over the affected area of the knee to expose the knee joint. 


The damaged portions of the femur bone are cut using specialized jigs. Then, the femoral component is attached to the end of the femur with or without the bone cement.

Unicondylar / Partial Knee Replacement 

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Partial knee replacement is also known as unicompartmental or unicondylar knee replacement using minimally invasive surgery. 

It is done for patients with arthritis or if only a part of the knee joint has to be replaced through a small incision. 

The surgeon will remove only the diseased part of the meniscus and place the implants into the bone by moderately shaping the shinbone and thighbone.

Unicondylar / Partial Knee Procedure 

Revision Knee Replacement Procedure in Chennai 

Revision knee replacement surgeries require replacing a part or all previous knee prostheses with a new prosthesis.


The operation may range from minor adjustments to massive operations replacing significant quantities of bone; hence, it is difficult to describe fully.

Revision Knee Procedures 

The surgeon makes an incision over the knee, and the knee cap and its ligament are moved aside to make enough space to operate.


The old femoral component of the knee prosthesis is ejected and the femur is prepared to accept the new component. 

Reasons for the procedure 

The most widely recognized condition that outcomes in the requirement from knee substitution medical procedure is osteoarthritis.

knee replacement, likewise called knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement, is a surgery to restore a knee harmed by joint pain.

What is a knee replacement surgery? 

Metal and plastic parts are utilized to cover the closures of the bones that structure the knee joint, alongside the kneecap.


This medical procedure might be considered for somebody who has extreme joint inflammation or a serious knee injury. 

lower leg bone (the tibia)

the thigh bone (the femur)

the knee cap (the patella)

What is the Knee Joint? 




How do I manage pain during my recovery? 

You ought to consider various choices for relief from discomfort following knee surgery. 

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These choices ought to be examined with aggravation by the board subject matter expert, who can make sense of the upsides and downsides of every choice or blend of choices.

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