Non-Surgical Treatments 

Non-intrusive treatment, Various kinds of non-surgical medical procedures and Non Surgical Treatments.


Non-surgical treatments are considered as a sub-speciality of orthopaedics that deal with all types of non-surgical treatments of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

If you are undergoing orthopaedic pain or have sustained an orthopaedic injury the idea of surgery may seem intimidating.  In some cases, surgery is not essential to be done at all.

Non-intrusive treatment :

Exercise based recuperation might be essential for your continuous therapy for a persistent muscular condition like joint inflammation.

Actual assessment (propaedeutic methodology).

Tests, x-beams and sweeps (demonstrative strategies).

Therapies to fix the impacts of injury.

Various kinds of non-surgical medical procedures:




Non Surgical Treatments:

Certain common non-surgical orthopaedic treatments can be implemented at home as recommended by your orthopaedic specialist if you’ve experienced any orthopaedic pain. 

Cortisone Injections:

Cortisone injections or steroids are interchangeable terms as it allows targeted treatment to reduce pain or treat the problem areas cause severe pains, swellings or inflammation.

Viscosupplementation (VS) injections:

Viscosupplementation injections are therapeutic options used with hyaluronic acid by injecting, especially in the joint. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections:

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Most of the disorders to treat various orthopaedic problems and injuries starting from sprained knees to chronic tendon injuries.

Bracing, booting, and casting:

Certain injuries need to be immobilized before indicating any other nonsurgical or surgical treatment.

The physician will then move your joint in different directions to loosen the tightened tissue for flexible movement.

Joint manipulation:

The sterile water is injected into the joint capsule that can help you stretch the tissue and make it easier for mobility after the non-surgical treatments in Chennai.

Joint distension: 

Non-Surgical Treatments for OA:

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Nonsurgical administration of knee OA begins with weight reduction.  Each pound of weight can put up to 6 pounds of tension on the knee joint during movement. 

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