Tips for Knee Pain Relief

- Dr. L Bharath

Top 8 Best Tips for Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can vary from person to person depending upon the severity and the mode of pain.  The listed below are some tips which is considered as the best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai


Using hot or cold packs

Hot water bags or towels and ice packs is one of the important tips for knee pain relief which is the best and simplest method of anti-inflammatory treatments done at home for knee pain relief.


Massaging gently

Use warm oils such as sesame oil which is purely herbal or ayurvedic which has been implemented for knee pain relief for several years.


Regular exercise

Learn to exercise your knee and the muscles around your knee which would work for your knee pain.  It is one of the best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai.


Make use of RICE method

RICE stands for ‘Rest’, ‘Ice’, Compression’ and ‘Elevation’.  Rest your knee by not pressurizing it too much until you are completely fine or after a knee surgery.



Stay physically active

Avoid sitting in a place for a prolonged time.  Follow these tips for knee pain relief: Sitting on the desktop, trying to get up every 45 minutes and having a small walk especially while working.


Maintain an ideal weight

Eat a balanced diet and be cautious in not adding excess weight because it can excessively strain your knee.  Every pound you lose helps you in reducing knee pain drastically. 


Use Cushioned insoles

Wear shoes with cushioned insoles.  This stands among the all-other tips for knee pain relief because it can reduce the strain on your knee which would lead to knee pain. 



Taking medications

You can consult your physician or orthopaedic surgeon if your pain gets severe or if the above measures or tips for knee pain relief don’t provide you adequate knee pain relief. 


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