Total Knee Replacement Surgery

- Dr. L Bharath

What is Total knee replacement suregery?

Total knee replacement surgery is also known as total knee arthroplasty is a procedure that removes the damaged bone and replaces it with an artificial joint made of metal alloys and polymers.



Benefits of total  knee replacement  surgery

* Pain relief * Increased movements in    the joint * Correction of deformity or    straight knee * Strengthens the leg * Quality of life is improved * Ability to return to normal    life



Hyaluronic acid  or knee shot

Hyaluronic acid is like a substance that occurs in the joints, and it acts as a lubricant as well as a shock absorber, helping the joint to work properly.



How do hyaluronic acid joint injections work?

For a healthy joint, a fluid named hyaluronan provides lubrication. But, if are infected  with osteoarthritis, there would be less supply of this fluid. Hyaluronic acid joint injections complement the joint’s hyaluronan with hyaluronic acid.



Platelet rich plasma or PRP injections

Plasma is a liquid part of the human blood mostly made of water and protein. It allows red, and white blood cells along with the platelets to move through your bloodstream.



Stem cell  therapy

Stem cells are special cells that act as building blocks and have the potential to distinguish the types of cells within the human body. 



How does stem cell therapy work?

During the procedure, your physician will draw the blood through a peripheral vein. Then the physician will extract a sample of your bone marrow from the iliac crest which is considered as one of the most fruitful sites to harvest stem cells.



How does stem cell therapy work?

The blood samples and bone marrow samples are used to prepare an injection of growth factors from the blood and stem cells processed out of the bone marrow. 



When do you require total knee replacement?


If you are aged above 55  If you have severe knee pain which limits your routine activities like walking, sitting, and climbing stairs. If the moderate pain increases gradually to severe knee pain, especially while resting


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