best Knee Surgery Recovery Tips in Chennai

How to manage your knee post-surgery?

Generally, after knee surgery there will be some pain, bruising and swelling which is a normal process following knee surgery. Most people will experience a dramatic improvement which can help them in knee surgery recovery tips.

best Knee Surgery Recovery Tips in Chennai

The best Knee surgery recovery tips

When you have knee replacement surgery, recovery and rehabilitation would be a crucial stage to help you restore to the routine activities to lead a normal lifestyle. It takes a 12 weeks duration for knee surgery recovery which would help you improve the chances for long-term success.

Day 1

You will be asked by your physical therapist to stand or walk using an assistive device which includes walkers, crutches or canes. Also, you will make use of this to get up slowly from the bed and walk a few steps for a passive motion in knee surgery recovery tips. This can prevent a buildup of scar tissue or stiffness in the joints. Don’t strain too much but work on bending and straightening your knee. If you feel a bit painful you can make use of a CPM machine.

Day 2

On day 2, you are supposed to take brief period walks compared to the first day. This can help your activity level to increase your knee surgery recovery gradually. If you have undergone a surgery with waterproof dressings, you can take a shower the day after surgery. If not, you should wait for 5-7 days for the incision to heal completely. Try climbing stairs by taking a few steps to give mobility to your knee.

Week 3

When you are discharged and reach home see to that you move around freely by taking small steps without any support. Your physician will help you with the exercises and instructions you should follow which require fewer medications which are less powerful for the recovery of the knee. Try to stand for 10 minutes and try to straighten and bend your knee for about 90 degrees. Also avoid leaning on your injured knee.

best Knee Surgery Recovery Tips in Chennai

Week 4 to 6

At this stage, the swelling must have stopped. Follow the physical therapy and mild exercises routinely as instructed by your physician. You can get back to your normal lifestyle slowly after the knee surgery by doing small chores like cooking or cleaning. If you are a professional who uses a desktop for hours, don’t rest your knees, and try to straighten it at every interval. It is advisable not to drive your vehicle because there can be high risk of blood clot if you have a prolonged sitting position.

Weeks 7 to 11

The physical therapy for knee surgery recovery will help you improve your mobility and range of motion, strengthening your knee and the muscles surrounding the knee. You are supposed to bend and move your knees and try to straighten it to make it used to the normal self. Moreover, the stiffness and pain will be lessened where you can do the physical activities like recreational walking, bicycling and swimming.

Week 12

At week 12, you can get knee surgery recovery by continuing your physical activities and avoiding high impact activities that could damage your knees or the surrounding tissues. You will be recovered mostly, by getting back to the day-to-day activities and recreational exercise with a full range of motion in the knee. 

Week 13 and beyond

You can relax fully and restore to your normal lifestyle after recovering from the knee surgery. You will be asked to stay in touch with the medical experts and make sure to have regular checkups to ensure that your knee is healthy. Make a visit to the surgeon once every 3 to 5 years to check your knee health.

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