Fast Track Knee Replacement

Fast track knee replacement is a fast track knee recovery technique. It’s a precise way of doing surgery ...

The knee is the largest joint in the human body which supports the movement of the legs and is essential to perform day-to-day activities. Routine activities can be affected due to injury or damage to the knee causing severe pain or impaired function which paves the way for knee replacement. One such procedure is the fast track knee replacement in Chennai.

Fast track knee replacement is a fast track knee recovery technique. It’s a precise way of doing surgery that ensures a consistent and reproducible outcome for the Surgeon and a higher level of satisfaction for the patient.

The fast track knee replacement surgery is a personalized method of enhanced recovery that has been designed safely and effectively to improve the outcomes followed by knee replacement surgery. The fast track knee replacement program offered by the orthopedic department involves creating a customized treatment plan for every patient.

Pain Management and Early Mobilization

Dr. L. Bharath, the Orthopaedic Surgeon is making thousands of lives more comfortable, happier, and painless today with this fast track knee replacement in Chennai. The Orthopaedic Surgeon along with his team at Bharath Orthopaedics mainly focuses on pain management and early mobilization, in the fast-track program for faster recovery, improved patient satisfaction, and fewer postoperative complications. Patients of all age groups can be highly benefited compared to the old type of knee surgery.

Fast Track Knee Replacement in Chennai | Bharath Orthopaedics

A Pain-Free and Efficient Approach to Joint Surgery: Fast Track Knee Replacement

With the growing elderly population and rising incidence of osteoarthritis, it is expected that the demand for knee arthroplasty will increase. The growing financial pressures and challenges in providing affordable healthcare have underscored the importance of prioritizing fast-track (FT) approaches.

The SMART technique ensures minimal blood loss in which there is no requirement for blood transfusion. The primary benefit is prompt postoperative pain alleviation, which enables patients to start walking within 4 to 5 hours after the surgical procedure.

Painless surgery motivates the psychology of the patient to ambulate early and climb stairs on day one. The rehabilitation of fast track knee replacement in Chennai is faster as compared to conventional surgery thus facilitating discharge on day two. The patient can return to normal life 15 days after surgery.

On testing the results of SMART knee replacements, the complications like deep vein thrombosis and infection rate have been significantly reduced making a safer procedure for all age groups.

The objective of Fast Track Knee Replacement in Chennai

The main objective of this philosophy for the Orthopaedic Surgeon is to handle the knee replacement procedure to make it less painful, have a quicker recovery, and provide physiotherapy with no pain delivering good results.

The Knee Replacement Surgeon in Chennai adopts a multi-modal approach to facilitate a fast-track recovery process with reduced surgical time, early mobilization, smooth discharge, and speedy recuperation.

The primary aim of knee surgery, under the expertise of a skilled Knee Replacement Surgeon, is to achieve fast-track knee replacement, which is considered the most effective orthopaedic procedure. Advancements in technology, surgical techniques, and knowledge of knee joint biomechanics have contributed significantly to this success. 

Additionally, postoperative pain management and painless physiotherapy have made a substantial difference in post-knee surgery recovery. 

Breaking Down the Fast Track Knee Replacement Surgery: An Overview of Its Three Phases

The fast track knee replacement program and its approaches are divided into three phases according to the surgical process:

Pre-Operative Phase

The preoperative phase involves essential investigations and consultations with other medical professionals to ensure a thorough evaluation of the patient prior to surgery. The entire procedure is explained by the Orthopaedist with adequate or detailed information. Antibiotic, Infectious prophylaxis is given and pre-emptive analgesia is used for the treatment before the surgery.

What Does the Pre-Operative Phase Involve?

The pre-operative phase of fast track knee replacement in Chennai involves several steps, which are outlined below:

Patient Education: Before the surgery, patients are provided with detailed information about the procedure, expected outcomes, and potential risks and complications. This helps to ensure that patients have realistic expectations about the surgery and can make informed decisions about their treatment.

Medical Evaluation: Patients undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation to assess their overall health, identify any underlying medical conditions that could affect the surgery or recovery, and develop an individualized plan of care.

Pre-Operative Optimization: Patients may need to undergo additional tests or treatments by the Knee Replacement Surgeon in Chennai to optimize their health before surgery. This may include blood tests, imaging studies, physical therapy, or medication adjustments.

Anesthesia Consultation: Patients meet with an anesthesiologist to discuss anesthesia options and develop a personalized anesthesia plan based on their medical history and individual needs.

Pre-Operative Preparation: Patients receive instructions on how to prepare for the fast track knee replacement in Chennai. including dietary restrictions, medication management, and pre-operative skin preparation.

Fast Track knee replacement in Chennai

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Intra-Operative Phase

In the intraoperative phase, the patient is injected with regional anesthesia which can control the pain and help in minimal blood loss during the procedure.

What Does the Intra-Operative Phase Involve?

During the intra-operative phase of fast track knee replacement in Chennai, several key steps are taken to ensure a successful and efficient surgery:

Minimally Invasive Approach: The Surgeon uses a minimally invasive technique to access the knee joint, which reduces trauma to surrounding tissues and allows for a faster recovery.

Customized Implant Selection: The Surgeon selects a knee implant that is tailored to the patient’s individual anatomy and needs, which helps to ensure optimal function and longevity of the implant.

Use of Advanced Surgical Technology: The Surgeon may use advanced surgical technology, such as computer navigation or robotics, to improve the accuracy and precision of the surgery.

Soft Tissue Preservation: The Surgeon takes care to preserve as much of the patient’s natural soft tissue as possible, which helps to promote a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Multimodal Pain Management: The surgical team employs a combination of pain management techniques, including local anesthesia and nerve blocks, to help manage pain during and after fast track knee replacement in Chennai.

Post-Operative Phase

Multimodal pain management is a highly effective approach that combines various analgesic techniques. It is essential for a patient to be equipped with all the necessary equipment to monitor the patient. Intensive care will be provided. If a patient requires a homestay, the activities of the patient should be monitored and reported to the operating Surgeon. In case of any emergency, patients can be shifted from home to the hospital.

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How Do I Take Care of Myself at Home after the Post-Operative Phase?

After fast track knee replacement in Chennai, it’s important to take care of yourself at home to ensure a smooth recovery. Here are some tips:

1. Follow your Surgeon’s instructions for wound care and medication management.

2. Keep the affected leg elevated and use ice packs to reduce swelling.

3. Begin physical therapy as recommended by your Surgeon to improve your range of motion and strength.

4. Utilize supportive equipment such as crutches or a walker whenever necessary.

5. Avoid high-impact activities and heavy lifting for several weeks.

6. Make sure to attend all subsequent appointments with your surgeon to keep track of your progress and discuss any concerns you may have.

Fast Track Knee Replacement Surgery

Will I Need to Go for Physiotherapy after a Fast Track Knee Replacement Surgery? 

1. After a fast track knee replacement in Chennai, it is quite common to require physiotherapy as a part of the recovery process. Fast-track knee replacement surgery is a minimally invasive technique that aims to reduce hospital stays and accelerate recovery, but it does not eliminate the need for physical therapy.

2. Physiotherapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation process after knee replacement surgery. It helps to reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness, improve range of motion, and build strength and endurance in the affected leg. Furthermore, physiotherapy can aid patients in regaining their independence and enhancing their quality of life.

3. The specific type and duration of physiotherapy will depend on the individual patient’s needs and the type of surgery performed. In general, physiotherapy sessions will begin soon after surgery, often on the same day, and continue for several weeks or months after discharge from the hospital.

4. It is essential to follow the physiotherapy plan outlined by your healthcare team and attend all scheduled sessions to ensure a successful recovery. Failure to do so could lead to complications such as decreased mobility, stiffness, and pain.

Advantages of Fast Track Knee Replacement

Fast track knee replacement in Chennai is associated with reduced pain and requires few stitches than traditional surgical methods. There will be no large incisions at the site of injury along with no stitches. The procedure of fast track knee replacement in Chennai comes up with numerous benefits.

Minimal (or) No Pain

We all know knee replacement surgery is a major procedure. But thankfully, the fast track knee replacement in Chennai is the minor one with less pain or no pain at all. 

Trusted Results

The best part is that you will get trusted results that are very cost-effective and there will be no side effects on the body. Some people usually complain that they have complications after knee surgery, this is not the scenario at all. An Orthopaedic Surgeon suggests this fast track knee replacement in Chennai because this is among the best ones which consume less time.

Speedy Recovery

The speedy recovery after this fast track knee replacement in Chennai makes the patient for an early discharge after the knee surgery. As the Orthopaedic Surgeon guides you the chance of mental stress or disturbance can be much less along with the reduced chance of infection and minimal stitches.

Painless Physiotherapy

Without getting any additional equipment like the knee brace, the patient can get back to their regular activities.

Faster Mobility

The results are quite long-lasting with easy and faster mobility. For almost 10 to 15 years, a patient need not undergo any knee surgery again. If they are taking care of them by following the guidelines suggested by the Knee Replacement Surgeon in Chennai during the surgical procedure, for sure there will be no problems at all.

Get in touch with the best Orthopaedic Surgeon and get the knee surgery done with the best treatment. If there is any problem just discuss it with the Knee Replacement Surgeon so that they can help you in knowing how to treat the condition.

Benefits of Fast Track Knee Replacement

Fast-track knee replacement offers quicker recovery, reduced hospital stays, and decreased postoperative pain. This approach emphasizes preoperative education, optimized pain management, and early mobilization. Patients often experience improved satisfaction, faster return to daily activities, and minimized complications. Fast-track procedures enhance overall efficiency, providing benefits like cost-effectiveness and a more streamlined healthcare experience for individuals undergoing knee replacement.

Goals of Knee Replacement Surgery?

The goals of knee replacement surgery include alleviating pain, improving joint function, and enhancing overall mobility. The procedure aims to restore the patient’s ability to perform daily activities with increased comfort. Additionally, knee replacement seeks to correct deformities, enhance joint stability, and ultimately improve the individual’s quality of life. The overarching objective is to enable patients to regain functionality and experience a significant reduction in knee-related discomfort and limitations.

Risk Factors of Fast Track Knee Replacement

Fast-track knee replacement, also known as rapid recovery or accelerated recovery knee replacement, aims to minimize hospitalization and expedite patient recovery. However, some associated risk factors may include:

  • Infection: Risk of postoperative infections.
  • Bleeding: Potential for increased bleeding due to rapid mobilization.
  • Implant Issues: Risks related to the knee prosthesis.
  • Thrombosis: Elevated risk of blood clot formation.
  • Functional Recovery: Variability in individual recovery rates.
  • Patient Selection: Adequate patient selection is crucial for successful outcomes.

It is advisable for patients to engage in discussions about potential risks with their healthcare providers.


Progressively patients can take advantage of fast track surgery for knee replacement because the advancements in the healthcare field have recently been fabricated with newer anesthesia protocols and unique multimodal pain reduction strategies. The other surgeries may be crucial to the recovery process, but it is so flexible with this particular surgery technique.

On examining the results, the complications such as deep vein thrombosis and infection rate have vitally reduced making knee replacement a safer procedure for all age groups. The precision of this smart technique by the Knee Replacement Surgeon in Chennai aids in reducing the error of the index surgery to achieve persistent, anticipated, and repeatable outcomes in a fast track manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fast track total knee replacement is a headway in knee medical procedure by which the patient is released in 24-48 hours after the medical procedure. This decreases physiological and mental pressure connected with a medical procedure by upgrading early preparation and fast recuperation.

The fast track day-care total knee replacement procedure utilizes advanced surgical techniques and small-scale instruments, along with regional anesthesia administration. This approach guarantees minimal incisions and reduced risks of complications, infections, and side effects.

The hospital, the Surgeon, and his team must be well equipped and trained in handling extreme age group patients. If knee osteoarthritis is severe and has affected the quality of life, then age is not a limit for doing a knee replacement.

A well-done surgery with available implant qualities should last 20 to 25 years without any problems. When failed after 25 years, revision (redo) surgery is an option available nowadays and that can last for 15 to 20 years.

While the COVID-19 pandemic remains widespread in India and across the globe and is probable to persist for the foreseeable future, fast track knee replacement is a safe surgical procedure to reduce the spreading of the disease.

Moreover, with fast track knee replacement surgery, the patients are likely to go home the same day after the procedure to avoid an overnight stay at the hospital.

Fast track knee replacement has revolutionized the healthcare industry. However, it has certain benefits that include:

  • Faster or speedy recovery.
  • No staying for hours in the hospital.
  • Small incisions are made during the procedure.
  • Minimum or no disturbance to the habitual routine.
  • Cost-effective procedure.
  • Minimal pain due to unique anaesthesia methods.
  • Hassle free physical therapy with faster mobility.
  • Minimal mental stress or disturbances, especially for the aged or elderly.
  • Ease of staircase activity, and stick walking made it easy on the 3rd day after the surgery.
  • Restoring to faster normalcy within 3 to 4 weeks’ time after surgery.
  • Long-lasting results with the use of imported metal black implants and the latest German computer navigation machine.
  • Reduced risk of cross-infection to the other patients or their relatives.

For doing Fast track knee replacement, special operation theatres like clean air laminar (class 100) flow theatres and personal protection space suits are required to reduce dreadful complications like infections. Ensure the team and the hospital does a high volume of knee replacement surgeries to have a safe and successful procedure with predicted outcomes.