Tips for Knee Pain Relief

Tips for Knee Pain Relief
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Knee pain is common and is not always a sign of anything serious. It can be due to many possible causes which include simple muscle strain, arthritis treatment, or tendonitis. At Bharath Orthopaedics, we provide the top 8 Tips for knee pain relief for reducing knee pain in our patients.

Mostly it can be knee pain that can be treated at home where you can get instant relief after a few days. Knee pain is prone to occur among aged persons, people with obesity, or sometimes it can occur on any sports activity or other injury.

A balanced diet will give you stronger bones and also reduces knee pain, for that you will recover. you can check out some of the Indian food for strong bones that can be included in your diet.

What does knee replacement surgery involve?

The Bharath Orthopaedics give the most recent headways in treating ongoing knee issues. At the point when moderate choices aren’t sufficient, your supplier might suggest knee replacement surgery. Additionally called arthroplasty, this technique includes supplanting the design of the harmed knee joint with metal and plastic parts to reestablish the ordinary capability of the knee and arelieve chronic pain.

Top 8 Best Tips for Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can vary from person to person depending upon the severity and the mode of pain. Listed below are some tips which is considered as the best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai for you to follow to get knee pain relief.

Using hot or cold packs

Hot water bags or towels and ice packs is one of the important tips for knee pain relief which is the best and simplest method of anti-inflammatory treatments done at home for knee pain relief. You should not apply an ice pack directed to the skin over the knee, instead wrap the ice cube in a towel and place it gently on the knee with steady pressure. 

Tips for Knee Pain Relief Massaging gently

Massaging gently

Use warm oils such as sesame oil which is purely herbal or ayurvedic which has been implemented for knee pain relief for several years. Massage therapy is the most-trusted method of all times when massaging the thigh muscles has a strong effect by strengthening the muscles and reducing pressure on knees while performing any cardio or other exercises. You can approach a massage therapist or ayurvedic centres for hot steam therapy after the massage therapy.

Regular exercise

Learn to exercise your knee and the muscles around your knee which would work for your knee pain. It is one of the best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai which is also an effective method for knee pain relief as the exercises are targeted to minimize the pain within the joints and muscles around the knee. Avoid high-impact exercises that can strain your muscles too much.

Make use of RICE method

RICE stands for ‘Rest’, ‘Ice’, Compression’ and ‘Elevation’. Rest your knee by not pressurizing it too much until you are completely fine or after a knee surgery. Ice can be used for effective knee pain relief but don’t keep it for more than 20 min continuously, or it may damage your nerves and skin.

Get a compression bandage, knee braces or knee caps that are lightweight and breathable by considering the above tips for knee pain relief. Make sure that it should be tight enough for strong support but do not hamper the circulation. Elevation helps to reduce swelling where you should rest your injured legs on pillows when you lie down or sit in a recliner.

Stay physically active

Avoid sitting in a place for a prolonged time. Follow these tips for knee pain relief: sitting on the desktop, trying to get up every 45 minutes, and having a small walk, especially while working. This can help you in knee pain relief because if you sit for a longer time your muscles would get weakened. So, try walking and standing at least for a few hours a day.

best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai

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Maintain an ideal weight

Eat a balanced diet and be cautious in not adding excess weight because it can excessively strain your knee. Every pound you lose helps you in reducing knee pain drastically. You can also practice yoga from a certified yoga instructor which can help you burn calories in small amounts in the process of yoga therapy. These are the best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai.

Use Cushioned insoles

Wear shoes with cushioned insoles. This stands among the all-other tips for knee pain relief because it can reduce the strain on your knee which would lead to knee pain. Also, try using acupuncture slippers which helps you to ease your knee pain.

Taking medications

You can consult your physician or orthopaedic surgeon if your pain gets severe or if the above measures or tips for knee pain relief don’t provide you adequate knee pain relief. If you suffer from a condition called osteoarthritis you can have medications for knee pain relief but it is advisable to seek medical assistance to get specialized treatments.

What are the Preventive Measures to be taken as the best tips for Knee Pain Relief in Chennai during your Golden Years?

Growing old does not mean in any way that you have to let knee pain be a part of your life. Taking certain preventive measures and leading a healthy lifestyle even after you cross 50 should be an ideal motto. At Bharath Orthopaedics, you will get the best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai which can make you feel young again. 

  1. Strengthen the muscle: Apart from physical exercises you can do normal workouts like walking, water exercises, and other sports which help you to prevent knee locking and stiffness. 
  • Raise your leg after straightening it while lying or sitting down.
  • Place one foot up on a step, then place the other, step down again, and repeat the step-ups.
  • Sit on a comfortable chair and then stand. You sit repeatedly for a minute. Do this in a slow motion in a controlled way without the support of your hands.
  • Hold a chair by keeping it close to the wall and squat until the kneecaps cover the toes. Repeat this 10 times.
  1. Posture and support: You should always maintain a straight posture by avoiding the low chairs that make your position so low by sinking you into it. Sit on a pillow resting on a chair to raise your seating level.
  • Do not slouch or lean by checking yourself for a good sitting posture.
  • Wear supportive shoes but avoid shoes with broken arches which may result in abnormal force on the knee.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting without mobility because the joints will become stiff and painful.

  1. Aromatherapy preparations: Sometimes, the essential oils also help you to reduce pain. Massaging with oil or an ointment which contains ginger, orange, mastic, and sesame oil can improve the pain, stiffness, and motion on as using salicylate ointment.

The pain varies from person to person where best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai have to be followed at the starting stage itself to avoid future complications.

Some of the pain can tend to:

  • be a dull ache that starts in a gradual manner, and is linked to other activities
  • produce clicking, crackling or other sounds
  • come by climbing stairs, or when getting up after a long duration sitting, squatting down, or kneeling
  • produce a weakness in the legs

You should stop the activities that trigger the knee pain until it is resolved. Take over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen as per the recommendation of your doctor which are the best tips for knee pain relief in Chennai.


Physiotherapy may help your knee pain, depending on what has caused it and what part of your knee hurts. A physiotherapist can give advice tailored to your individual situation.

Dos and Don’ts

Try not to rest excessively. An excessive amount of rest can debilitate your muscles, which can deteriorate joint torment. Find an activity program that is alright for your knees and stick with it. In the event that you don’t know which movements are protected or the amount you can do, talk with your PCP or an actual specialist.

Try not to gamble with a fall. An excruciating or temperamental knee can make a fall more probable, which can cause more knee harm. Check your gamble of falling by ensuring your house is sufficiently bright, utilizing handrails on flights of stairs, and utilizing a durable stepping stool or ottoman in the event that you really want to arrive at something from a high rack.


During the actual test, your primary care physician is probably going to:

  • Review your knee for enlarging, torment, delicacy, warmth and noticeable swelling
  • Verify how far you can move your lower leg this way and that
  • Push on or pull the joint to assess the respectability of the designs in your knee

Best Knee Surgery Recovery Tips

Here are 7 knee surgery recovery tips to follow after the knee replacement surgery. These knee surgery recovery tips are part of recovery and rehabilitation, which are crucial to help you restore to the routine activities to lead a normal lifestyle. It takes a 12 weeks duration for knee surgery recovery which would help you improve the chances for long-term success.

Recovery Tip: Day 1

You will be asked by your physical therapist to stand or walk using an assistive device which includes walkers, crutches, or canes. Also, you will make use of this to get up slowly from the bed and walk a few steps for a passive motion in knee surgery recovery tips.

This can prevent a buildup of scar tissue or stiffness in the joints. Don’t strain too much but work on bending and straightening your knee. If you feel a bit painful you can make use of a CPM machine.

Recovery Tip: Day 2

On day 2, you are supposed to take brief period walks compared to the first day. This can help your activity level to increase your knee surgery recovery gradually. If you have undergone surgery with waterproof dressings, you can take a shower the day after surgery. If not, you should wait for 5-7 days for the incision to heal completely. Try climbing stairs by taking a few steps to give mobility to your knee.

Recovery Tip: Week 3

When you are discharged and reach home see that you move around freely by taking small steps without any support. Your physician will help you with the knee surgery recovery tips which include the exercises and instructions that you must follow requiring fewer medications that are less powerful for the recovery of the knee. Try to stand for 10 minutes and try to straighten and bend your knee for about 90 degrees. Also, avoid leaning on your injured knee.

Recovery Tip: Week 4 to 6

At this stage, the swelling must have stopped. Be adapted to the knee surgery recovery tips like physical therapy and mild exercises routinely as instructed by your physician. You can get back to your normal lifestyle slowly after knee surgery by doing small chores like cooking or cleaning.

If you are a professional who uses a desktop for hours, don’t rest your knees, and try to straighten it at every interval. It is advisable not to drive your vehicle because there can be a high risk of blood clots if you have a prolonged sitting position.

Knee Surgery Recovery Tips

Recovery Tip: Weeks 7 to 11

Physical therapy for knee surgery recovery will help you improve your mobility and range of motion, strengthening your knee and the muscles surrounding the knee. You are supposed to bend and move your knees and try to straighten them to make them used to the normal self.

Moreover, by following the knee surgery recovery tips, the stiffness and pain will be lessened where you can do physical activities like recreational walking, bicycling, and swimming.

Recovery Tip: Week 12

At week 12, you can get knee surgery recovery by continuing your physical activities and avoiding high-impact activities that could damage your knees or the surrounding tissues. You will be recovered mostly, by getting back to the day-to-day activities and recreational exercise with a full range of motion in the knee. 

Recovery Tip: Week 13 and beyond

You can relax fully and restore to your normal lifestyle after recovering from knee surgery. You will be asked to stay in touch with the medical experts and make sure to have regular check-ups to ensure that your knee is healthy. Make a visit to the surgeon once every 3 to 5 years to check your knee health and do not forget to take the knee surgery recovery tips seriously because they can help you in quick recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest way to relieve knee pain depends on the cause of the pain. Also tips for knee pain relief can include applying ice, elevating the leg, taking over-the-counter pain medication, and doing gentle exercises can help. However, it’s best to consult a doctor to identify the underlying cause and receive appropriate treatment.

To control knee pain naturally, try following tips for knee pain relief by doing low-impact exercises like walking or swimming, applying heat or ice, taking supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, practicing yoga, maintaining a healthy weight, and wearing supportive shoes. It’s important to consult a doctor if the pain persists or worsens.

Yes, walking can be one of the good exercise tips for knee pain relief, as it helps to strengthen the muscles that support the knee joint. However, it’s important to start with shorter walks and gradually increase the distance and intensity, and to wear supportive shoes. If the pain persists, consulting a doctor is best.